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Free guided bird walks by Tropical Birding Tours guides

From April 7 through April 30th, 2017 Tropical Birding is offering free guided birding walks in conjuction with Houston Audubon. Below is the current schedule. Participants need to either have a season pass to the Houston Audubon Society (HAS) sanctuaries, or else pre-pay their entrance fees before meeting for the walk

Unless otherwise noted, these walks are offered Thursday to Monday. There are no walks on Tuesday and Wednesday. If migration activity is exceptionally high, we  may offer impromptu walks on Tuesday or Wednesday - please subscribe to our bird news email list to learn about these possible last-minute walks; click here for more info.

8:30 am: Birding walk at the Houston Audubon Society Boy Scout Woods Sanctuary. Meet at the HAS kiosk just inside the entrance. The walks last roughly three hours depending on conditions and sightings.

12:00 noon: Shorebirds and coastal bird walks. Meet at the Houston Audubon Society Boy Scout Woods Sanctuary kiosk. You will need access to a car to join these walks, and we encourage carpooling. These walks are flexible and will focus on visiting the best shorebird areas at the time, whether this is Anahuac NWR or the coastal hotspots of the Bolivar Peninsula. The focus is not only  shorebirds, but also a range of coastal and freshwater birds (depending on sites visited). Walks last roughly two and a half hours, depending on conditions and sightings.

4:00 pm: Birding walk at the Houston Audubon's Smith Oaks Sanctuary. Meet in the rookery car park on Old Mexico Road. The walk will focus on finding any newly arrived migrants in the woods, although often also visits the rookery in the sanctuary to take in the sight of nesting egrets, herons, and spoonbills too. On busy days for migrants we will remain focused on the frenetic migrant action and therefore may not have time to visit the rookery too. Walks last roughly 2 hours, depending on conditions and sightings.