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The HAS High Island Birder's House

This is a small house directly opposite the entrance to Houston Audubon Society’s Boy Scout Woods, set in a bird garden with feeders.

Our goal is to promote birding to nature enthusiasts, introduce North American birders to the idea of world birding, and promote bird conservation to everyone. At this house Tropical Birding tours guides are present to provide help to birders visiting High Island and to act as a hub of activity during spring migration. During the peak season, there will be up-to-the-minute information available for birding in the region, complete with maps and personalized help. As well as the latest bird news for rarity chasers, we’ll have some of our own expert guides there to help less experienced birders get a handle on the many species passing through the area, or to even learn what birding is about.

There will be free guided migration walks run by Tropical Birding and Birding America in partnership with Houston Audubon Society. If you are having trouble with some tough shorebirds, join one of our walks down at Houston Audubon’s Bolivar Flats Sanctuary.

The bird gardens are newly planted, and we are sure the birds will come thick and fast during our first full spring season in the area. Everyone is welcome regardless of birding experience; feel free to drop in, have a coffee, relax in the lounge, and use any of the books we have in the library.

Books, T-shirts, patches, and much more are for sale directly across the road from the Houston Audubon Society at the entrance to Boy Scout Woods. The Houston Audubon Society volunteers work tirelessly to provide these facilities and maintain this outstanding reserve, so please support them however you can.